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Biography of Rev. Bill McGinnis / Bill McGinnis /
William McGinnis / William E. McGinnis
General Policy Advisor, Internet Christian Minister, Writer, and Publisher

God's One Law For All Mankind: "Love All People As Yourself."


One-Paragraph Description

           Rev. Bill McGinnis is a General Policy Advisor on matters
           which affect the happiness and well-being of people in
           this world. He is also an Internet Christian minister -
           writer - publisher and is Director of,
           a small private think tank based in Alexandria, Virginia,
           USA, and all of its related websites. His agenda is to help
           maximize the happiness and well-being of all people. 


General Policy Advisor

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Brief Biography Of Rev. Bill McGinnis / William McGinnis / William E. McGinnis
Updated December, 2015

BORN: September 15, 1943, in Huntington, West Virginia, USA

I am an Internet Christian minister, American, white, male, divorced, straight, card-carrying Democrat, pro-democracy, 72-year-old, anti-war, text-to-speech (TTS) file developer, MIDI music sequencer, Northwestern University graduate (B.S. - 1965), writer, editor, and Internet publisher.

I have also been a church singer, trombonist, and ASE Certified Automobile Technician. I have been married and divorced twice, and I have two grown children and one grandchild.

I believe we are all God's children, no matter what our other differences may be. I believe that all God's law is fulfilled if we follow this one teaching: "Love your neighbor as yourself," with the understanding that "everyone is our neighbor." This means we are to love all people. My main website is Internet Church Of Christ -, and I own and maintain various others.

I live in Alexandria, VA, USA, a suburb of Washington, DC. Telephone 703-768-6710. E-mail:

For those who may care, many years ago I was a National Merit Scholarship finalist and Student Body President at Winter Park High School, Winter Park, Florida, 1961. I then went to Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, attending on an F. C. Austin scholarship to the undergraduate School Of Business, graduating in 1965. At Northwestern, I was class president for two years, and I served in the Student Senate for three years, one of which was under the presidency of Richard Gephardt, former Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, whose example I try to follow in politics.

After graduation from Northwestern, I wrote newspaper advertising sales presentations for the Chicago Tribune and the Washington Evening Star newspapers, ending in 1973 when I was divorced, quit my job, and started driving a taxicab in the Washington, DC area.

In 1995 I fully accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour, holding nothing back from Him, and in 1996 I started on the Internet with a website at, and later multiple websites hosted at Also in 1996, I stopped driving a taxicab and went to work as night foreman of the repair shop at the same taxicab company I had been driving for, and I remained at that job until mid-July, 2005, when I resigned, to spend more time on my Internet work.

At present, I write and maintain various websites, including, LoveAllPeopleorg,,,,,, and

I love to write political and social opinion articles, and I do so from a Progressive Biblical point of view. You can link to the Google archive of my posted messages at


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Rev. Bill McGinnis is the sole owner of Bill McGinnis Internet, which owns and operates Internet Church Of Christ - and all of its related websites. Bill McGinnis Internet is a tax-paying, profit-making, free-speech business. It is classified as a "sole proprietorship" and is duly registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the USA and the Department Of Taxation in the state of Virginia. In order to retain complete freedom of speech, including both religious and political speech, Bill McGinnis Internet has decided not to seek tax-exempt status as a non-profit organization. God bless America!

Rev. Bill McGinnis was also the long-time Night Foreman of a taxicab repair shop in Northern Virginia, and an ASE Certified Automobile Technician. In July 2005, he took early retirement in order to spend more time on his Internet websites.

In his work on the Internet, Rev. Bill McGinnis operates as a completely independent voice, answering to nobody but God alone. (In his regular job, previously, he worked as a normal employee, answering to his supervisor, like most other employees in the real world.

Is this a good thing? You be the judge! - " . . . for the tree is known by its fruit." (Matthew 12:33 - RSV)

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Blessings to you. May God help us all.

       Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director -

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God's One Law For All Mankind: "Love All People As Yourself."