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an Essay By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director
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by Rev. Bill McGinnis

First published in June, 2004 in Usenet Newsgroups, later updated slightly.

The term "Israel Lobby" can be defined as "the interconnected group of individuals and organizations who actively seek to promote the political interests of the state of Israel, and who react defensively and decisively to any criticism of Israel or its policies, justified or unjustified." Source:

The most influential organization within the Israel Lobby is AIPAC, the "American Israel Public Affairs Committee," which identifies itself clearly as "America's Pro-Israel Lobby." To visit AIPAC's website, please click => You can find the names of many other Israel-Lobby individuals and organizations by clicking on the search box below:


On most issues, it seems that AIPAC announces the broad pro-Israel position, and the other members of the Israel Lobby support it, each in his own way. The reporters and editors write their stories, the college professors teach their classes, the authors write their books, the TV and movie producers create their shows, and the commentators make their comments. AIPAC doesn't actually issue orders, but very few members of the Israel Lobby oppose it or argue against its positions.

As you view the overwhelmingly-professional AIPAC website, you can immediately imagine how very difficult it would be to oppose AIPAC if you were a mere elected official in the USA. It would be like opposing the New York Yankees in baseball if you were a class C minor league team. Hopeless. They have a skillful answer for every objection, and a polished presentation for every position they choose to take. They have an army of media owners-producers-editors-writers who are loyal to Israel and will follow AIPAC's lead. If you vote against them, or speak against their positions, they can destroy you politically, or at least cause you great difficulty.

But the first response of AIPAC and the Israel Lobby is not polished or sophisticated at all; it is brutally simple: they smear you by calling you an Anti-Semite! This happens all the time, in thousands of different situations: someone criticizes Israel in some way, and the Israel Lobby calls him an Anti-Semite. (Unless, of course, the critic is Jewish. Then they call him a "self-hating Jew.") Either way, they use name-calling, and avoid the actual issue. Most of the time this works, and the opposition withers and apologizes. But if name-calling does not work, then they are prepared to defeat you the in the more sophisticated ways.

No wonder, then, that both major political parties in the USA have totally caved in to the Israel Lobby, following its positions on almost every issue!

(If they ever call you an Anti-Semite, this link will advise you how to respond ==>

The few courageous politicians who have dared to oppose the Israel Lobby have paid for it dearly: Howard Dean, a candidate for U.S. President in 2004, was set up, then trashed by the Israel-Lobby media over a triviality of personal expression. He was immediately replaced by John Kerry, who never flip-flops in his unequivocal support for Israel; Cynthia McKinney was knocked out of Congress by an unknown challenger in a needless Democratic primary, financed by the Israel Lobby; Senator Paul Wellstone's plane crashed, and he died . . ; Congressman Jim Moran (VA 8th District) faced and defeated an Israel-Lobby primary opponent on June 8, 2004 because he dared to observe that Jewish leaders were pushing the USA into needless war with Iraq. NOTE: One of the powers behind the anti-Moran effort in Virgina was political pollster Alan Secrest, who was also a power behind the successful anti-McKinney effort in Georgia in 2002. Cynthia McKinney made a comeback and regained her seat in Congress in 2004, but she was defeated again in 2006.

You can make the case that the Israel Lobby was the strongest motivating force behind the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Led by Richard Cheney, members of the Israel Lobby dominated the Neo-Conservative inner circle in the George W. Bush White House, and tirelessly worked to help Israel by having the USA remove Saddam Hussein.

I will be updating this Israel-Lobby website as needed. You can visit it by clicking on

Blessings to you. May God help us all.

       Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director -

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