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How To Enjoy Other People

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Pastor -
Director - Internet Church Of Christ -

God Wants Us To Love One Another

Enjoying Other People Is A Big Part of Loving Them

The common experience of mankind is that if you enjoy someone, it is easy to love them; but if you do not enjoy them, then it is hard to love them. So we see that enjoying other people is a big part of loving them.

Therefore, if we want to love other people, it is very helpful -- maybe necessary -- for us first to be able to enjoy them. So we need to seek and find enjoyment in other people.

This is not really very difficult to do, once we start to think about it. Here's how . . .

How To Enjoy Other people

Here are four things to do, which will help you enjoy other people . . .

1. First, set your mind on doing it. Recognize that God wants you to enjoy other people, not only because He wants you to be able to love them, but also because He loves you and wants you to have more enjoyment for yourself! So you have God's complete permission to enjoy other people, maybe far more than you ever imagined.

2. For every person you encounter, try to find at least one thing about them which you enjoy. Examples: beautiful face, sweet smile, pretty eyes, sweet voice, pleasant mannerisms, graceful movements, nice hair, intelligence, ability with words, ability to fix things, creative personality, good personality, comforting presence, generosity, ability to solve problems, personal leadership skills, good sense of style, attractive body parts, good attitude with children, helpful personality, good intentions, nice smell, attractive clothing, good attitude with other people, sincerity, honesty, etc. If you find more enjoyable things about them, go ahead and list them in your mind.

3. For each thing you enjoy about that person (above), please think of a complete sentence which expresses your thought. For instance, "I enjoy watching her smile," or "I enjoy the pleasing sound of his voice." Then say that sentence out loud, to yourself. Or better yet, tell it to someone else.

4. If there are things you do not enjoy about that person, do not express those thoughts in words, because that would make you think about them even more. But instead, think to yourself one of the following explanations:

"Maybe they can't help it." or

"Maybe they have their own good reasons for being that way." or

"Maybe they don't realize what they are doing."

In other words, give them a good excuse for whatever it is that you do not enjoy.

If you will do these things, you will be well on your way to developing your love for others, as well as increasing your own personal enjoyment in your life.

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Blessings to you. May God help us all.

       Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director -

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