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How To Give Your Blessings To Other People

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - Internet Church Of Christ -
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When we pray for someone, the conversation is between us and the Lord. When we give our blessings, however, the conversation is between us and the other person directly, with the Lord listening in, observing.

A blessing is the opposite of a curse. As Christians, we almost never want to curse anybody for anything. In contrast, we should dispense our blessings freely, whenever the Spirit leads us to do so.

There are two proven formats for giving a blessing to other people. You can give it directly to them, using the word "May," followed by whatever good things you want them to receive. Or you can invoke the Lord's help, using the words "May the Lord," followed by whatever good things you want Him to give them. Here are examples . . .

Examples Of Direct Blessings

"May you have a safe trip home, with no difficulties of any kind."

"May your days be filled with joy."

"May your pain subside and your illness go away."

"May you get the job you are trying to obtain."

"May your grief pass by like a cloud, and may peace return to your heart."

"May your heart be filled with joy at this moment of happiness for you."

Examples Of Blessings Which Invoke The Lord's Help

"May the Lord richly bless you as you continue your work in His behalf."

"May the Lord give you a safe trip home, with no problems of any kind."

"May the Lord wipe away your tears and give you peace of mind."

"May the Lord bring love and harmony into your home."

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So don't be shy. Just go ahead and start blessing people, as the Spirit leads. When Holy Spirit prompts you to give a blessing, do it! Just walk right up to the other person, maybe shake their hand or touch them, look them in the eye, and pronounce your blessing on them.

They will recognize immediatly that this is a major expression of love, and they will *always* appreciate it.

Be sure to give Christ the glory by identifying yourself as a Christian. The Lord *loves* to use imperfect vessels for His work, so don't feel unworthy if you are less than a "perfect" Christian. You are *always* authorized to dispense love to other people: ALWAYS!

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Blessings to you. May God help us all.

       Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director -

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