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Deliverance From Demons:
By The Power Of Jesus Christ Our Lord

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Pastor -
Director - Internet Church Of Christ -

Audio produced by Rev. Bill McGinnis - Public Domain

"O,The Blood Of Jesus"

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The Bible Mentions Demons Seventy Times

The Bible mentions demons seventy times. If you believe in the Bible, you must also believe in the reality of demons in the world. NOTE: The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible uses the word "devils" instead of "demons." But the meaning is the same.

=> Bible References To Demons - Click Here <=

The NASB Bible (used above) is very accurate and very clear, perhaps best in the world today.
You can find out more about NASB Bibles HERE!

What Are Demons, And How Can We Defeat Them?

Demons are harmful bundles of negative spiritual energy which exist as negative spiritual entities. Frequently they try to attach themselves to people. They hate human beings, and they try to harm us in many ways. For example, they took over the personality of a student and caused him to commit the mass murders at Virginia Tech. They were behind the 9/11 attacks in the USA. They have been the cause of other mass murders in the past. They are the true root cause of terrorism, leading vulnerable people to slaughter innocent civilians. And they have also affected our leaders here in the USA, dulling their minds and leading them into the brutal and hopeless invasion and occupation of Iraq, motivated by the false belief that God wanted them to do it.

Demons try to control, harass, torment us, or drive us to do things we ought not to do or wish we didn't do. Bad temper, anger, depression, fear, various sicknesses, various addictions -- to mention a few -- are caused by demons. Sometimes these demons are able to enter into us and gain control over us because of some flaw in our natural defenses against them, such as problems in our brain chemistry. Other times, we attract demons to ourselves because of our actions or our desires or our beliefs.

"Mental Health Professionals" in our secular society recognize the bad effects caused by various demons, and they have created scientific names for many of these bad effects. But they do not recognize demons as the underlying cause of these effects. So they attempt to control the symptoms of demonic activity, without dealing with the underlying cause, which is the demons themselves. Perhaps the best example of this is located here, at:

But God has given us a better way to deal with demons than the ways used by the Mental Health Professionals; and that way is to use the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. The positve power of our Lord Jesus Christ is infinitely greater than the limited negative power of demons. So through Him, and Him alone, we can triumph totally over all demons.

Jesus cast out demons everywhere He went, and He gave us authority to do the same thing, in His name if we believe in Him. (Mark 16:17). In these "Deliverance From Demons" pages, I cast out various demons from the readers, in the name of Jesus.

As an introduction, please use this link first. =>Prepare To Be Delivered From Demons

Biblical Proof Of Our Authority Over Demons

This is a study of the scriptural basis of our authority over demons and other unclean spirits of all kinds. =>Biblical Proof Of Our Authority Over Demons (With MP3 reading.)

To make your own MP3's, see => MAKE-YOUR-OWN-MP3s
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." - Romans 10:17 (KJV)

Scriptures For Deliverance

Here is a concentrated collection of scriptures we can use in our deliverance ministries. =>Scriptures For Deliverance

Format Used In A Typical Deliverance

This is an example of the format used in a typical deliverance. You can modify it as needed for your own cases. =>Typical Format Used

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"Deliverance From Demons First-Aid Kit"

This is a text file which you may download, copy and distribute without restriction. It is a step-by-step guide for casting out demons quickly. It also contains a "spiritual warfare" prayer for your possible use. => "Deliverance From Demons First-Aid Kit" =>Supplement To First-Aid Kit

Demons And Computer Viruses

Demons are similar to computer viruses: they get into your system and mess it up. The Lord Jesus Christ can give you protection from demons.

Casting Out Specific Demons

These are links to cast out certain specific demons. =>To Cast Out Demon Drugs =>To Cast Out Demon Alcohol =>To Cast Out Demon Tobac (Tobacco) =>To Cast Out Demon Porno =>To Cast Out Demon Envy =>To Cast Out Demon Gluttony

How To Resist Demonic Attack

If you begin to succeed against Satan, he frequently will try to stop you. Here's how to resist him and make him flee. =>How To Resist Demonic Attack (With MP3 reading.)

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The Lorica (breastplate) Of Saint Patrick,
A powerful Christian prayer of protection.

Somehow, if you pray this prayer sincerely, particularly if if you pray along with the MP3 recording, it brings your spirit into proper alignment with the Holy Spirit, and that results in protection for you plus many other benefits. You can get the words and the MP3 recording by clicking => HERE! Demons are made powerless by this prayer, written and used by Saint Patrick, himself. The Lorica is free, and in the Public Domain.

O, The Blood Of Jesus,
A powerful Christian song.

Somehow, if you sing these words along with the MIDI music provided, it also brings your spirit into proper alignment with the Holy Spirit, and opens up the pathway for blessings to you and through you. Demons flee from this song. "O The Blood Of Jesus" is free and in the Public Domain. Click HERE! to get it. (With both MP3 and MIDI music.)

For Terrorism: A Prayer, A Binding, And A Curse

MP3 Reading By Rev. Bill McGinnis at

This MP3 was recorded and edited using . . . Audio MP3 Editor => Info/Order - Free Trial. You can do it, too!

                by Rev. Bill McGinnis, Disciple Of Christ

       TERRORISM is "the systematic use of violence to create a
       general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring 
       about a particular political objective." Source: 


          O Lord of all Creation, the One and Only God,
          We come before You now to ask Your help.
          We pray that you will rid us of a plague
          Which is the foul and evil Spirit of Terrorism,
          Which seeks to maim and murder innocents,
          Pretending falsely that it is Justice,
          And far exceeds the limits set by You
          For acceptable human behaviour.
          We pray that You will enter the hearts of all terrorists
          And potential terrorists,
          And turn them away from this Satanic force.
          We pray that the terrorists recognize their error
          And repent, putting their former acts behind them
          And completely removing themselves 
          From all terroristic thoughts and deeds.
          In Jesus' holy name we pray.


           O foul and evil Spirit of Terrorism,
           Demon born of Satan,
           I know who you are, and I am coming now to bind you,
           By authority of Jesus Christ, Himself,
           Who has given this authority to me,
           And to all of His true disciples.
           In the name of Jesus of Nazareth,
           Son of God, risen from the dead,
           I now do bind you, head and foot,
           With chains of steel which you can never break.
           Your movements now are difficult and slow.
           Your focus is not clear, your thoughts are weak.
           The powers you once had are melted down.
           Your tongue is thick, so you can barely speak.
           And when you speak, nobody wants to hear.
           In Jesus' name I issue this command.

           As Jesus cursed the unfruitful fig tree,
           So I now do curse all acts of terrorism,
           By authority given to me by Jesus Christ our Lord.
             As the terrorist bomb is being prepared,
             may it explode prematurely. And may the
             terrorists receive the exact same harm they
             had intended to inflict,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.
             As the terrorist shrapnel is being inserted,
             may it cut the hands of its handlers, as they
             had intended to cut their victims,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.
             As terrorist chemicals are being transported,
             may the containers break open, and may the
             terrorists receive the exact same harm they
             had intended to inflict,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.

             As the terrorist vehicle is being started,
             may it catch on fire and burn. And may the
             terrorists receive the exact same harm they
             had intended to inflict,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.

             As the terrorist message is being sent,
             may it be lost and never received.
             As the terrorist plans are being made,
             may errors and confusion ruin them.
             As the terrorist sympathizer TV station is broadcasting,
             may its transmitters fail. May numerous technical
             problems come upon it. May dissension seize its staff.
             As the terrorist building is being used,
             may its roof and floors collapse. And may
             the terrorists be harmed as they had intended
             their victims to be harmed,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.

             As terrorists are communicating with each other,
             may their messages be garbled, and may confusion reign
             among them.
             As the terrorist computer is being used,
             may it catch on fire and burn.
             As the terrorist vehicle is driving down the road,
             may it crash into a barrier. And may the terrorists
             receive the exact same harm they had intended to inflict,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.

             As the terrorist mission is underway,
             may it be detected and broken up. And may the
             terrorists be captured and brought to justice,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.

             In all of its acts whatsoever,
             may terrorism be smothered and destroyed.
             And may the terrorists receive the exact
             same harm they had intended to inflict,
             thus preventing the innocent from being harmed.

                    In Jesus' name I call down this curse
                    upon all terrorist acts whatsoever, 
                    no matter who, or what, or why.            

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How To Find A Deliverance Ministry In Your Area

Use the link to below, and search for DELIVERANCE and YOUR CITY OR STATE in the search box.


          deliverance   Chicago



And also . . .

       These requested that I list them. I do not know them, but
       I am listing them, as requested.

Add me to your list of Deliverance Ministers
I have been in Deliverance Ministry for 16 years
Erica Joseph
342 Foxcroft Dr E
Palm Harbor, Florida 34683
My book on Incubus and Sucubus is refered to on Demon Busters website
End-Time Deliverance Ministry
Rev. Ivan Rodriguez
       Cleansing Word Ministries
       P.O. Box 70395
       Brooklyn, NY 11207
       ApostolicWarfare @
       Being in deliverence ministry since 1986 under the anointing of
Rev. Frank         Hammond and the late Rev. Frank Marzullo

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=>"Binding The Enemy," - a study by Jacques More

End-Time Deliverance Center

This is a ministry which specializes in deliverance from demons. They will teach you how to cast out demons yourself. =>End-Time Deliverance Center

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