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The Bible is the authoritative word of God, our guidebook for the Christian life.

The World English Bible is a new, modern-language version of the Bible, based on the American Standard Version (ASV) of 1901. It is in the Public Domain, placed there by its editor, who wanted to provide a Bible suitable for worldwide electronic use on the Internet.

He succeeded! This is a major effort, apparently blessed by the Lord. Be advised, however, that The World English Bible uses several unexpected names for God, such as "Yahweh," based on the original Hebrew. This can be distracting.

If you go here, you can download the new World English Bible =>World English Bible Download Page

Also available for download is =>The American Standard Bible (ASV) of 1901), which served as the basis for The World English Bible. It, too, is in the Public Domain, free to use without restriction.

Also available for download is =>The King James Bible (KJV), which is considered the final authority for many Christians. It, too, is in the Public Domain, free to use without restriction.

And finally, my own effort, which is called The King James Bible, Clarified, New Testament (.zip file) . Or if you want to read the text version right now, it is here The King James Bible, Clarified, New Testament (.txt file)

I started with a good Public Domain version of the KJV New Testament, then I updated the most archaic words, based on a list compiled by Noah Webster in 1833. The result (hopefully) is an authoritative Public Domain translation which is also easy to read.

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