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The Best Affiliate Program On The Internet!

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Keywords: Free Internet Business Website Affiliate Automotive Business Opportunity Online Marketing Sale Of Information By Subscription Two-Tier Sales Commissions Similar To Multi-Level Marketing MLM ALLDATA DIY

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While you are there, you can purchase a subscription for yourself!

If you have a website, you can earn big commissions by referring people to ALLDATA DIY. (The "DIY" stands for "Do It Yourself.") This is perhaps the best affiliate program on the Internet today because it offers a two-tier commission system for an outstanding product with an established and respected company.

ALLDATA DIY is the premier online source of car care information on the Internet. A subscription entitles the user to valuable information such as: Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls, Maintenance Schedules and Diagnostic and Repair Procedures.

As an ASE Certified Automobile Technician, and an ALLDATA DIY subscriber myself, I can tell you that ALLDATA DIY is the next level up from the Chilton book or the Haynes book for your car. In many respects, it's even better than the factory manual, because it is easier to find things and it's interactive! Many of the best auto repair shops use this same database, as you can see when you visit the ALLDATA website.

ALLDATA DIY offers a 25% commission with each subscription sold through your website ($6.25 per sale!), PLUS a 10% commission on all sales made by your second-tier affiliates.

The reason ALLDATA can pay so much commission is that they don't have to deliver a physical product. What they are selling is information over the Internet, and their variable cost to serve one more customer is approximately $00.00. If the price is $25 and the cost is zero, then there is lots of room for good commissions.

I would encourage you to sign up like I did - it is easy and linking is free!

Just go HERE! to sign up, it's free.

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Just go HERE! to sign up, it's free.

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