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Welcome to Auto Factory Manuals This is your one-stop page to find automobile factory manuals on the Internet. The highest-authority, most complete, most detailed information for repairing your car is almost always found in the Factory Manual. You can find and buy whatever factory manual(s) you want directly from this page. From this page you can also buy the two best supplements and/or alternatives to factory manuals: the Chilton Total Car Care Manuals and the ALLDATA "Do-It-Yourself"online service.

ALLDATA DIY - Detailed Information Online For Your Particular Car,
including step-by-step directions for solving each Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).

Helm, Inc. - The Leading Publisher

The leading publisher of Factory Manuals is Helm Incorporated, with links below. (If you cannot find what you want at Helm Incorporated, please continue down this page to "Factory Shop Manuals on CD-ROM," "," and "Find All Factory Manuals Anywhere OnThe Internet.")

To Buy Factory Manuals, Click => Helm Incorporated

Factory Shop Manuals on CD-ROM! - Has Many Factory Repair Manuals

Find All Factory Manuals Anywhere On The Internet

This procedure will let you find whatever manuals you want. In the search box below, please enter the model year, make, and model of the car you want the manual for, followed by the word "manual" (not in quotes.) For the 1957 Ford Thunderbird, the search would look like this:


And for the 1994 Hyundai Scoupe, it would look like this:

Now YOU can try one for yourself . . .


Alternatives And Supplements To Factory Manuals

For many people, however, Factory Manuals are cumbersome, overly expensive, and hard to use, filled with detail almost nobody ever needs. So here are the two best alternatives and/or supplements to factory manuals, in my opinion: The Chilton Total Car Care Manuals, and the AllData "Do-It-Yourself" online service.

Chilton Total Car Care Manuals

It is always a good idea to have the Chilton "Total Car Care" manual for each of your cars. They are widely available online, at vastly different total cost. For me, the best way to get them is by clicking HERE! The Chilton Total Car Car Manuals are tried and true (as far as they go), and you will never go far wrong when you follow the Chilton "Total Car Car" Manual. By themselves, they are not really enough for a professional shop, but they are a useful supplement, in my opinion.

AllData DIY (DIY = "Do It Yourself")

ALLDATA DIY - Detailed Information Online For Your Particular Car,
including step-by-step directions for solving each Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).

ALLDATA provides an excellent alternative (or supplement) to Factory Manuals and/or the Chilton Total Car Care Manuals. AllData excells in interpreting Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) stored in automotive computers. The ALLDATA service is online and interactive. It is far easier to use than the Factory Manual, because you don't have to guess where things are in the index, and you don't have to search through hundreds of pages to find things. You just "click and go" to whatever you need, including interactive links to diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's) Another advantage of ALLDATA is that you can print out the particular few pages you need for a job, then keep those pages with you as you do the work. No need to drag the whole manual with you and search through it with greasy fingers. And a subscription to ALLDATA costs only about 20% as much as the comparable Factory Manual(s)! You save 80%.

If you want the absolute maximum, you can can get both the Factory Manual, the Chilton Total Car Car Manual, and ALLDATA.

A final comment about AllData: AllData is not yet perfected. It still has some maddening omissions and imperfections, in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is extremely useful and valuable, particularly for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's) and Technical Service Bulletins (TSB's), and I want to have AllData available to me online for any car whatsoever that I am trying to work on. In particular, AllData is great because it lets you print out the exact pages you need for a procedure, and you can then have these pages with you while you work on the car. This is much better than dragging the Factory Manual with you and searching through it with greasy fingers. Another thing great about AllData: it has interactive links for each Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). So you get the codes with your SCAN TOOL, then you go to AllData to find out what to do with them! It's really great!

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You cannot get the OBD II codes without using a
code reader or a scan tool (scanner)!

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