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Summary Of Atheist Ethics: "Me First, Always!"

All Atheist ethical systems boil down to one imperative: "Me first, always!"

Any "moral teachings" based on Atheism can be easily destroyed with two questions: "WHY?" and "SO WHAT?"

Here is proof:

Suppose an Atheist develops the moral teaching, "Respect legitimate authority." I ask, "WHY?" He replies with something like, "Because orderly society, and the general happiness of all, depend on respect for legitimate authority." I ask, "SO WHAT?" As an Atheist, why should I care about the happiness and well-being of others? The only reason I should care is if it affects me personally. Any other reason, without God, is sentimental nonsense. In general, I think an orderly society is a nice thing, so in general I might go along with "legitimate authority" (whatever that may be). But when push comes to shove, I will always choose my own personal interest over everything else. In other words, I follow authority only when it suits me. If I am a rational Atheist, my only moral code is "Me first, always!" Everything else is sentimental nonsense to a clear-headed Atheist.

Let's try another moral principle that might be presented. Here's one that many Atheists pretend to embrace: "The greatest good for the greatest number! We should always act in the way which produces the greatest good for the greatest number." Once again, I ask "WHY?" The answer might be something like, "Because if everyone acts this way, everyone will benefit the most. You, yourself will benefit, too."

I reply, "SO WHAT?" If I can benefit more from an anti-social action, such as a stealing, or butting in line, or cutting somebody off in traffic, or killing an enemy if I can get away with it, or raping a girl if I won't get caught, then I should do it, if I am a rational Atheist. My own specific benefit now outweighs any generalized benefit I might receive in the future by following the ethical principle.

And so, by asking "Why?" and "So what," I can easily destroy any ethical principle based on Atheism. Try it yourself! You can do it, too!

Thus we see, and I reassert my previous observation, that Atheism is inherently anti-social and against the public interest. All ethics based on Atheism is built on sand and is easily washed away with the two questions, "Why?" and "So what?" The bottom line for Atheism is, "Me first, always!," which is inherently anti-social.

In contrast, the bottom line for Christians is always "Love your neighbor as yourself." This comes straight from the Bible, most clearly expressed in Galatians 5:14.

       For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, "You shall love your
       neighbor as yourself." (Galatians 5:14 RSV)
All Christian ethics boils down to "Love your neighbor as yourself." When we we ask "Why?," the answer is "Because God wants it that way." If we ask "So what?," the answer is "If you go against God too far, you burn in Hell."

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