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The Anti-Terrorist
Undermining The Motivation For Terrorism

By Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director - Internet Church Of Christ -
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BACKGROUND, September 11, 2004

Three years have now gone by since the September 11th attacks in 2001, and terrorism is a far greater threat to us now than it was then. The number and severity of terrorist attacks worldwide has increased dramatically, as has the number of active terrorists. Before 9/11, terrorism was confined to a small number of extremist individuals, loosely linked by radical Islam and hatred of Israel and its sole supporter, the USA. Now, many more moderate Muslims have become radicalized, world-wide, willing to kill innocent civilians in order to achieve their purposes. And the serious targets have expanded to include civilians in Russia, India, Maylasia, the Philippines, Spain, and elsewhere, as well as Israel and its sole supporter, the United States.

True, the USA has not suffered a successful major attack since 9/11, but this does not mean that we are safer. The terrorists could strike any time they choose, through any of the numerous loopholes so well reported in our media. But they have chosen not to attack, perhaps because they are waiting to produce an effect even greater than the 9/11 attacks, so they do not appear to be losing strength. What could be more spectacular than the 9/11 attacks? Nuclear! Or massive bio-chemical attack! And I think this is what they are waiting for. All of our frantic preparations may have had some effect in preventing small-time casual attacks, but they cannot stop a serious planned attack, any more than a mere door lock can stop a serious robber who really wants to get into your house.

So the Bush administration can keep claiming that we are safer now, under their policies. But this claim is merely feel-good propaganda, intended to keep the neo-cons in power. It cannot withstand clear-headed scrutiny. The fact is, Bush policies have failed completely even to diminish terrorism, much less defeat it. By trying to "stamp out" terrorism by killing terrorists, Bush and Israel have made things infinitely worse for us: more dangerous, not safer. And proof that Bush has failed may come at any moment, explosively, with one big successful attack here in the USA.

May God help us all.


 TERRORISM is "the systematic use of violence to create a general
   climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a
   particular political objective." Source:
We believe that any terrorist act is a crime against humanity and against the will of God, because it deliberately intends to injure and kill innocent people.


Our purpose here is to NEUTRALIZE TERRORISM by removing the motivation for it. Without motivation, terrorism will quickly die down, like a plant without water.

We completely reject the idea that terrorism can be defeated by brute force, because brute force radicalizes the moderates, and they then join the terrorists. So you end up fighting the entire population. Brute force has failed in Palestine, and it is failing in Iraq.

We try to be even-handed in opposing all terrorism, although we recognize that the greatest terrorist threat in the world today comes from radical Muslims who falsely believe that Allah approves of their criminal behavior against Israel, The United States, Russia, India, the Philippines, Australia, and others whom they falsely believe to be "waging war against Allah." And the second-greatest terrorist threat comes from several countries, mainly Israel, who sometimes resort to terrorism themselves, claiming "self-defense," as they desperately try to prevent further attacks by radical Muslims. In all of these cases above, if the radical Muslims would cease their attacks, all terrorism on both sides of every dispute would quickly end.

Beyond these two sources, there is virtually no terrorist activity in the world, with the possible exception of localized disputes such as in Northern Ireland and occasional domestic episodes in various places involving isolated disaffected groups.

The moral and religious theories which support terrorism are quite faulty and erroneous. They need to be identified and attacked. If the terrorist loses faith in the righteousness of his acts, he is less likely to perform them.

EXAMPLE 1: "Terrorists Offend Allah."

EXAMPLE 2: "Terrorist Murderers Insult Allah, Bring Shame To Islam"

EXAMPLE 3 (LATEST AND BEST! - Framed Below): "Qur'an Forbids Terrorism"

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In every case of terrorism, we will find some kind of legitimate underlying grievance. If we eliminate the legitimate grievances, we have eliminated much of the motivation.

Is this "negotiating with terrorists" or "trying to appease the terrorists," as some Israeli/NeoCons would try to say? No. It is simply recognizing the realities of human motivation, right or wrong. To deny reality, as the Israeli/NeoCons do, is to invite disaster, as they have done.


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Blessings to you. May God help us all.

Blessings to you. May God help us all.

       Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director -

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