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Allah Has Power Over All Things;
He Gives Whatever He Chooses To Whomever He Pleases.

Two of the most basic truths in Islam are that Allah has power over all things and that He gives whatever He chooses to whomever He pleases. These two ideas are found throughout the Qur'an in dozens of places. The entire concept of submission to the will of Allah is founded on these two ideas.

This one verse from the Qur'an encompasses both ideas as clearly as any, and there are dozens more.

[2.284] Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is 
Allah's; and whether you manifest what is in your minds or hide it, Allah 
will call you to account according to it; then He will forgive whom He 
pleases and chastise whom He pleases, and Allah has power over all things.
                         Qur'an 2.284
                         (Shakir translation)
Search Qur'an to see that Allah has power over all things.

Search Qur'an to see that He gives whatever He chooses to whomever He pleases.

So Do Not Try To Change What Allah Has Set In Place.

Therefore, Muslims should not fight against Allah by trying to change the things He has ordained. For instance, Saudi Arabia has huge reserves of oil, according to the will of Allah. Saudi Arabia also has responsibility to maintain the most sacred sites of Islam, according to the will of Allah. The United States has overwhelming military power and the responsibility to use it to maintain world peace, according to the will of Allah. Some countries have almost nothing but land and people, according to the will of Allah. Some people and countries are rich, and some are poor, according to the will of Allah. Some are weak, and some are strong, according to the will of Allah. Each person should accept what he has received and use it for good to the best of his ability. Do not try to change what Allah has set in place. Do not exceed the limits of acceptable behavior which He has set for you.

May the blessings of peace flow to you and to all who read these words.

    Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director
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      working to promote peace in the Middle East by developing and
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